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Mature trees on your property can be a remarkable asset, providing shade in the summer and adding beauty to the landscape. However, those trees sometimes need to come down. For practical and safety purposes, that’s a job best left to professionals who are skilled in all types of tree removal.

Whether you need emergency branch removal following a storm or you’re planning changes to your property, the tree removal specialists at Belle Ridge Tree Service have you covered.

We are the area's best source for safe, clean, scheduled, and emergency tree removal services. Trust the best. Experience the difference. Call us now at 717-925-0717.

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees

Tree Removal

One of the most common reasons you might need to contact a tree removal company is storm damage. That tree might be entangled in power lines, lying on your home’s roof, or threatening to fall. We will remove a fallen tree or branches and even work with your homeowner’s insurance adjuster.

Maybe you’re building an addition on your home, installing a pool or patio, or working on some other home improvement project, and a tree is in the way. Or, every time a storm blows through, you might worry that an old tree is coming down. Perhaps a tree is diseased, or pests compromised its integrity. We have the equipment necessary to remove any type of tree—small or tall. That means smooth property improvement and peace of mind for you.

We will take great care to protect your property and structures around the tree chosen for removal during the process. Then following your tree removal, we will clean up the area, including chipping tree branches, removing the stump, and stump grinding.

Image by Oisin Conolly

Stump Grinding

Did a tree come down in your yard after a storm? Perhaps you managed to clean up the trunk and branches, but the old stump remains. Or did you move into a new home and discover a sturdy stump in your yard? Stumps can be unsightly in otherwise pristine yards and can be downright dangerous. Children, guests, and even you may not see it and trip over it, causing embarrassment at best and an injury at worst.

Eliminate this long-term nuisance with our stump removal service.. If you hired us to take down your tree, you could include stump grinding as part of your project. Or if you otherwise have stumps in your yard from a previous owner, storm damage, or planned changes to your property, we can perform stump grinding as its own service. With us as your tree care provider, you’ll never have to deal with stumps or other tree debris left behind!

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